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Travelers Guide

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Prohibited items
Check the list of dangerous goods that you should avoid in your suitcase. If you have questions, contact us.

  • • “The passenger must not board the aircraft any type of item that could be considered dangerous goods…”

  • • “In the same way, the passenger must refrain from boarding any type of item, drug or substance whose carrying, possession, trade or consumption is prohibited. Any ordinary element, whose character is doubtful, must be reported at the time of the check, to determine if it can be admitted on board ”

  • • The Venezuelan Aeronautical Regulation 110 (RAV 110), Section 110.8 - Dangerous Goods Carried by Passengers or Crew, refers to all items that are prohibited as hand or checked baggage , which are listed below:


Dangerous Goods
They are materials or elements with dangerous properties that, if not properly controlled, pose a potential risk to human health and safety, infrastructure and / or their means of transport.

 Sports Ammunition
 Blank bullets

 Bombonas de Camping Gas
 Aerosoles / Spray / Inhaladores
 Botellas de Oxígeno

 Camping Gas cylinders
 Aerosols / Spray / Inhalers
 Oxigen bottles

Flammable liquids
 Adhesives / Glues
 Paints / Resins / Varnishes
 Petroleum products

Flammable solids
 Metal Powders (Zinc / Magnesium)
 Lithium / Sodium
 Wet Coal

Radioactive Material
 Smoke Detectors

Toxic Substances and Infectious Substances
 Tear Gas

Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides
 Oxygenated Water
 Ammonic Nitrate
 Chlorine / Whiteners

Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles
 Dry Ice
 Irritant Substances
 Industrial degreaser

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